The influence of religious faith in the attitudes of PR practitioners toward ethical behavior

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Turner, Melissa L.
McDonald, Becky A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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This research examined at the influence of a public relations professional's personal faith on their professional ethical attitudes. The research question for this study stated: Does a public relations practitioner's religious faith directly influence their ethical practice?A Q-study was completed by forty-five public relations professionals. Data analysis yielded two factors the "God Centered" and the "Profession Driven". The God Centered participants mutually agreed upon statements that placed their faith in a central part of their professional career, and agreed they were accountable to God for their professional career. The second group that emerged were identified as Profession Driven, representing their association with professional based ethics. The respondents in this factor indicated that they strongly agree with the professional provisions suggested in the PRSA Code of Ethics 2000, placing an emphasis on honest counsel, loyalty, and fairness. The second factor viewpoint also strongly agreed that personal goals and values directly influenced their professional ethics.These two factors and the previous literature illustrated the influence of personal standards when making professional ethical decisions.