Evaluation of the 1975 metropolitan Muncie transportation estimations for the year 2000 by Barton-Aschman Associates

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Baskarahadi, Eka A.
Parker, Francis H. (Francis Haywood), 1938-
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Thesis (M.U.R.P.)
Department of Urban Planning
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The purpose of this study is to evaluate the transportation estimation in Metropolitan Muncie for the year 2000 done in 1975. The basis for evaluation is the present situation data. From these findings I expect to learn from what was correct and what was inaccurate in their projections. Finally, this study could present several recommendations for long-range transportation planning study in the future.Barton-Aschman Associates (B-A-A) transportation planning for Metropolitan Muncie for the year 2000 based on the year 1975 is a part of Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Transportation Estimations. The B-A-A had done many studies for Metropolitan Muncie, including a comprehensive plan, to support transportation projections. Land-use, socio-economic, and vehicle travel were examined in order to produce accurate transportation estimates. Socio-economic variables for Metropolitan Muncie are population, occupied dwelling units, employment, and automobiles.Trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, trip assignment, and traffic volume are projected in the final estimations. But this project focuses on relationships among variables: land-use, zoning change, population, occupied dwelling units, employment, average daily traffic volume (ADT), assigned over service volume, and level of service (L.O.S.) that were projected by the B-A-A and for the present situation in Metropolitan Muncie.Overall proposed land-uses in the transportation study coincide well with the actual situation 1992. But commercial land-use growth along West Bethel Ave and McGsllinrd Ave in Metropolitan Muncie was not foreseen by the transportation study.Overall estimations of population and occupied dwelling units in Metropolitan Muncie agree well with the present situation. But in tract 9.01, 19.01, and 19.02 in north Metropolitan Muncie the present situation does not follow the transportation estimations closely and major differences appear between socio-economic estimations and the actual situation. Estimations of employment by the B-A-A are not closely with the present situation.Overall transportation estimates of average daily traffic volume and assigned over service volume in Metropolitan Muncie picture the present situation well on several roads but also not so well on the other roads. The B-A-A projections of Level of Service (L.O.S.) are very close with the present situation.