All natural fast food : an investigation into a possible Paleoindian mammoth and mastodon hunting strategy with Clovis point weaponry

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Wells, Andrew M.
Groover, Mark D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Anthropology
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The Clovis style point was used by Paleoindians to hunt and kill the proboscidean mammoths and mastodons of the era in the New World. How the Paleoindians specifically used Clovis technology and their hunting strategies are ambiguous. Middle range theory is used in a comparison of ethnographic, archaeological, paleontological, and experimental archaeological evidence. Deductive and inductive reasoning are used in conjunction with this data to develop an interpretive model. This type of study can help to reconstruct a part of the past lifeways of the Clovis Paleoindians. A general model taken from the evidence is presented of Paleoindian proboscidean hunting strategy and the possible design and use of weaponry. However, the majority of the data comes from western Clovis sites associated with Columbian mammoths. A universal or regional based model for Paleoindian proboscidean hunting tactics and weapon design and employment cannot be fully dictated. Creating a model of this type requires an intensively thorough survey of all Clovis archaeological and ancient proboscidean sites.