The perceptions of elementary principals regarding homework in the intermediate classroom

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Wilkins, Jamison D.
Lowery, Kendra
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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This is a qualitative study that explores the perceptions of elementary principals with regards to homework practices in their schools. The purpose of the study was to investigate which strategies are believed by principals to be more valuable when assigning homework in grades three through five as well as their knowledge, and beliefs pertaining to homework as well as investigating from where this knowledge is derived. Eight elementary principals were interviewed from one school district. The district was chosen based on its above average performance on state standardized tests. An interview protocol was developed based on prior research as well as the research questions. Six themes were developed from the data: a) practice is the primary purpose for homework, b)homework is important, c) growth from homework is dependent on support, d)assessments reflect homework effectiveness, e) homework practices change with a teacher’s experience, and f) the delivery of feedback to teachers regarding homework practices.