The use of motion-picture film as a theatrical device in a production of Eugene Ionesco's The bald soprano : a creative project

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Henderson, Sharon Jean, 1947-
Bloom, Gilbert L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project has explored a staging of Eugene Ionesco's The Bald Soprano that incorporated motion-picture film as a technical device. Drawing from the full body of Ionesco's works and their amplification of themes, theatrical techniques and use of language, this study considered The Bald Soprano as an Absurd play. The use of motion-picture film and slides in other theatrical productions was analyzed in order to justify the attempt to marry live actors and film on-stage in lonesco's play. In addition, this study discussed the director's approach to the production of The Bald Soprano: the rehearsal process, the light and set design, the use of film. Finally, it evaluated the attempt in terms of four principles of criticism: unity, communication, truthful projection of the playwright's emphasis and rhythm.The creative project also contains: a copy of the script annotated with the actions of the actors, the stage movements, light and sound effects, photographs of the play; a scenario of the film used and photographs lifted from individual frames of the film.