Facade rehabilitation and improvement grant program for Albion, Indiana

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Van Gessel, Jill M.
Daas, Mahesh
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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This creative project develops a new facade grant program for the town of Albion, Indiana that incorporates guidelines for historic preservation. The town has a large tax increment financing district that was created in order to facilitate the economic development of town. Money from this TIF district has been used for infrastructure improvements and a facade grant program. Business owners within the TIF district are eligible for matching grants to improve their building facades. There are no restrictions on the grant money that require the building owns to rehabilitative their storefronts rather than just repair or renovate. Case studies of facade grant programs in three Indiana cities created in order to develop a new facade grant program for Albion. The new facade grant program would allow the town to realize some of the proven benefits of economic development through historic preservation.