website administration : a customized content management system

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Smith, Travis Doyle
McKillip, John L.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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As the popularity of the World Wide Web has exploded and impacted everyone's lives, it is important for organizations to have a strong online presence. Unfortunately, very few people actually have the know-how to build these kinds of web sites. That is where a content management system comes in to play. By using a content management system, anyone can go in and update a website with very little (if any) knowledge of web programming standards. That was the idea behind Fine Focus' completely redesigned website. Fine Focus, a microbiology journal for undergraduate research, could significantly benefit from the use of a customized content management system, allowing anyone to bring all site content, regardless of one's experience with web programming, up to date. The goal of this thesis is to create such an application.