Psychological considerations in the management of stroke

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Brown, Arnold, 1930-
Ganzhom, Betty J.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Emphasis has always been given to the physiological aspects of stroke. This thesis explores the often neglected psychological areas of stroke. It includes a review of etiology but stress is given to the psychological management of the patient including motivation, aphasia, sensation and perception.The patient's feelings and attitudes and their effects on his recovery are discussed. The way in which the patient interacts with the medical staff, his friends and family markedly affect his eventual adjustment to his disability. Mention is made of guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, regression and denial as related to sudden and catastrophic illness. Agencies that can assist the patient and his family at home are also included.The proper care of the stroke patient must include the total person and should be based upon a thorough understanding of the psychological side of stroke.