A rhetorical analysis of Pink Floyd's The wall

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Limeberry, John W.
Semmel, Keith D.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Speech Communication
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Through an examination of the album The Wall by the group Pink Floyd, the intention of this study was to answer questions such as tale following in hopes that a clearer understanding of The Walls popularity might be obtained. What are the major and minor events in this musical narrative? Who are the main characters in -111ne narrative? What cause-and-effect relationships are established in the narrative? now did The Wall function rhetorically in achieving a sense of identification with contemporary listeners?The study found that The Wall achieved identification through the use of its themes which centered around war, derisive school systems, parental overprotection. collapse, and extreme alienation.The study notes that The Wall contained substantial social commentary, and states that the rock music form, often belittled as nothing more than hedonistic escapism, is capable of producing work worthy of scholarly examination.