Human distillations : the visual and conceptual development of a body of work

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Christian, Amy J.
Gee, John P.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Art
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The creative project was the end result of a year of focused exploration and development in the areas of painting and drawing. The artist created a group of five oil paintings and four mixed media drawings which culminated her year of work. The pieces were exhibited on Ball State University campus as well as being documented and evaluated in a thesis paper.A strong belief in the importance of the ability to pursue an idea or concept to its furthest point led the artist to set the goals of the project. While working on the project, the artist honed her technical skills, and strengthened her personal aesthetic by her discovery and research of painters who based their work in similar beliefs.The accomplishment of the goals she had set forth was the first step on the artist's journey to becoming a professional, exhibiting artist.