The impact of tourism on the physical environment of third world countries : a case study of Negril, Jamaica

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Kauls, Angela L.
Smith, Leslie H.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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Unplanned and rapid growth of tourism can be perilous to the natural and socio-cultural environment of communities and regions. Unplanned tourism can destroy the unique landscapes upon which it depends. This problem is particularly severe in third world nations which are hosting a new generation of tourism in hopes of economic survival.This paper presents a case study which supports the above contentions by identifying changes that have taken place in Negril, Jamaica, through a discussion of the causes and effects of rapid, poorly planned tourism development in that town. This provides the basic framework within which the author raises questions suggest ideas to promote more appropriate and culturally and sensitive changes in present land use policies in the city of Negril.