How RAs understand sexism at Ball State University

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Witzigreuter, Dani
Mulvihill, Thalia M., 1963-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Educational Leadership
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This study provides a compelling, comprehensive argument regarding how Resident Assistants (RAs) understand sexism at Ball State University. The evidence asserts gender privilege and sexism are prevalent on the campus. The findings substantiate that many RAs have witnessed instances, or become victims of sexism while at Ball State University. The evidence further demonstrates RAs value education on sexism for themselves and their residents. The findings indicate RAs both feel responsibility, and are expected to provide this education to residents. However, the evidence also illustrates RAs are in prime roles for promoting holistic learning but receive neither the appropriate training nor education needed to teach residents about sexism. Implementing training and education for RAs will decrease instances of, and misunderstandings about sexism. This will help faculty members, administrators, student affairs professionals, RAs, and others educate through prevention in order to best serve the students at Ball State University.