A rhetorical analysis of Senator Birch Bayh's campaign strategies in the 1974 Indiana general election

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Bennett, Beth S.
Dorris, Celia A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The purpose of this thesis was to describe, analyze, and evaluate the rhetorical strategies utilized by Senator Birch Bayh in his campaign for the 1974 Indiana Senatorial General Election. The analysis focused on four rhetorical transactions within the campaign:1) The Lawrence Lions Club Address, 4arion County, July 8, 1974.2) "Debate ‘74," statewide broadcast out of Indianapolis, September 1, 1974.3) The American Postal Workers' Union Address, Muncie, Indiana, October 20, 1974.4) A Democratic Rally Address, Gary, Indiana, October 31, 1974.After analyzing the audience, the man, and the rhetorical problems he faced, the study showed that Bayh faced a three-pronged motive situation of reaffirmation, subversion, and purification. By analyzing and evaluating the rhetorical strategies apparent within his rhetoric, the study attempted to determine the probable effect of Bayh's rhetorical choices. From conclusions drawn in the study, it would seem that Bayh's campaign rhetoric did have a significant influence on the outcome of the election.