College women's motivations for sugar dating

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Kirkeby, Kimberley M.
Lehmiller, Justin J.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling
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Sugar dating is a specific form of dating that is typically characterized by wealthier, older men (known as sugar daddies) financially supporting younger, less financially secure women (known as sugar babies) in exchange for companionship and sexual intimacy. This phenomenon has become increasingly prevalent among college females—presumably as a means to offset the rising cost of tuition. Whether or not the primary motivation for engaging in sugar dating is financial, as media reports suggest, was explored in this proposed study in addition to other possible motivating factors. This study also examined the demographic and personality characteristics of sugar dating women and assessed how they compare to non-sugar dating women. Beyond motivations for engaging in sugar dating, the present research explored the outcomes of it, as well as the degree to which they may be similar or different to the outcomes experienced by women who engage in other forms of sex work.