Development of a weight loss and exercise program for use in a family physician's office

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Myron, Stephen R.
Bock, William, 1933-
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Thesis (M.S.)
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The purpose of this project was to design a concise weight loss and exercise program that could be incorporated into a typical family physician's office utilizing routine personnel and physician time commitments. The program was developed to include caloric restriction, diet instructions, behavioral modification, and patient education. It also included outlining an exercise program that was specific enough to allow patients to have a concrete amount of exercise to do but flexible enough to be applicable to all patients. The accompanying manual can serve as a general guide to all physicians who wish to instruct patients on weight loss and exercise. Where the physicians did not agree with the specific information offered in the manual they could substitute their own information but still follow the same general guidelines for use in handling patients. If used properly this program could be quite helpful for handling a very difficult and common problem for the busy family practitioner.