A unit on Colorado for hearing impaired students : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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McCulley, Jo Ann
Studnicky, Joan A.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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I am designing a thematic unit on Colorado as my Honors College thesis for many reasons. I considered writing a research paper on some other aspect of special education, but I had already completed this task in various special education courses and I felt such a project would not be challenging or useful to me in my future career. I have never completed a large-scale thematic unit and I feel this project will prove to be challenging as well as useful to me as I become a special educator.Special education students learn best when information is presented within themes. Deaf students in particular, seem to learn vocabulary easier when they can connect the words to one another within an overall theme. Thematic instruction builds on deaf students' background knowledge that, in turn, helps to develop their poor language skills. Thus, creating a unit for deaf students are wonderful practice for what I will do everyday in my career. Such a unit is also quite useful because I can refer to and pull from the ideas in this unit later when I am teaching other students, deaf or hearing.I value my honors college experience immensely and feel I have learned a great deal from the honors courses in which I have participated. These honors courses helped me develop and refine my creativity, individuality, and critical thinking skills, which will be beneficial to me in my future career. Through these honors classes I also learned the importance of working hard and accepting challenges, both of which are vital in the Special Education field. I feel I have utilized the lessons and skills I learned within the honors college in preparing this thesis, and I am striving to incorporate these same lessons and skills within this unit for my students to learn.