Flute excerpts from band works : for study and audition purposes at the high school level : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Metzler, Julie S.
Scagnoli, Joseph R.
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Thesis (B.M.)
Honors College
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This collection of excerpts comes from some of the finest and well known band literature. A wide variety of styles and time periods are represented throughout. Forty two excerpts from twenty three composers provide a range of difficulty levels.Taken from the first flute parts of original band works, this book is intended for use at the high school or early college level. There is a dual purpose to this book: teachers can use it as a guide for auditions into select ensembles, and students can use it to prepare for auditions into these and other ensembles. In addition, students could use the various examples and excerpts in private or group lessons as technical, tonal, and rhythmical exercises.Along with the excerpts is written text explaining why each piece was chosen. In some cases one body of text suffices for several works; others are noted individually.It is important to note that more than solo parts are included in this project. Because the majority of players within an ensemble will not be soloists, it is important that other parts of the music be available for study and review.