Calculations of nuclear cross sections and astrophysical S-factors for reactions induced by protons and alpha particles on isotopes of copper

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Lomant, Susannah E.
Islam, Mohammed S.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Nuclear reactions induced by neutrons, protons and alpha particles on copper isotopes are being studied in an effort to understand the nucleosynthesis of elements in stars, specifically, the p-process. The p-process occurs toward the end of a star's life and produces those elements which have a high proton to neutron ratio, which are heavier than iron. Little is known about the nature of the p-process-inside stars. Isotopes of copper are studied since they are close in mass number to iron, which has the highest nuclear binding energy. Nuclear cross sections will be calculated for copper, as well as S-factors, which are important from an astrophysical point of view. These values are needed to calculate reaction rates which are the main ingredients for understanding nucleosynthesis.