Creating Nirvana : the Renaissance gardens of early modern England

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Foster, Rachel A.
Wood, Tara
Seefeldt, Douglas, 1964-
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of History
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Through the uses of digital analysis tools this creative project draws important conclusions on the topic of the Renaissance gardens of early modern England, concluding that these spaces were a reflection of the society in which they were created. A discussion of the elements found within these ornate spaces expresses the values of early modern English society, with significant value placed on control, wealth and status. These spaces evolved as English society evolved, celebrating the wealth and abundance of a nation at peace and waning as the nation faced the dawn of a civil war. This evolution is evident in the popularized style trends surrounding these gardens throughout the early modern period. To understand the significance of these spaces is to understand the deeply rooted cultural values of early modern English society.