Building musicianship through study and performance of Renaissance music : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Fuhs, Sarah C.
Carter, Jeffrey R.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Vocal Renaissance music, often unaccompanied, has very complex counterpoint and independent lines. The nature of this music helps to create singers and performers who are more independent and aware of the overall texture, as they see and hear how the different parts are intricately woven together. Because of these features, it was my wish to design a project around learning and performing works from this time period, not only to become more familiar with great pieces written during the Renaissance, but also to develop and improve my own musicianship by directing the craftsmanship of this challenging literature. Over the past year, I have selected literature, rehearsed an ensemble, and given a performance of the selected unaccompanied, vocal Renaissance pieces for this creative thesis project.