Spectator Court : an urban multi-use complex, Terre Haute, Indiana : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Fox, Susan R.
Meyer, Bruce F. (Bruce Frederick), 1946-
Wyman, John E.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The project will be explained by following the design process in the order in which it was executed. Site selection will be discussed first, followed by a summary of the analysis and inventory of the site. More indepth data on this analysis may be obtained from the appendices, if desired.Goals of the project are explained in the next section, after which the problems confronting development are stated. Statistics are included to support the assumption that the problems exist.The next portion of the book explains the reasoning behind the selection of the project type. Once it was decided upon, an inventory of similar buildings was taken. A list of the buildings studied is included, followed by a brief discussion of a few of the concepts implemented in these buildings.The ensuing section examines design development. The philosophy behind the project is explained, then demonstrated through the concepts and organization behind the design. A detailed program describing each spatial type follows, including a summary of the square footages for each area.Immediately following the program, the final solution is illustrated by a set of presentation drawings, which should give the reader a more complete understanding of the project. Conclusions drawn by. the designer are the final entry.