“A Different Way”: The Experiences of Latinx Parents with School Counselors

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Tuttle, Malti
Haskins, Natoya
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School counselors
Latinx parents
Relational cultural theory
Social justice
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This phenomenological study aimed to identify the essence of the lived experiences of Latinx parents as they relate to school counselors. A Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) Framework was used to explore the experiences of Latinx parents with school counselors. Twelve Latinx parents were interviewed from three counties in a Southeastern state to share their experiences with school counselors to provide recommendations for practice to the school counseling specialty and school counselors in training. The five overarching themes identified were: (1) Disconnections Between Educational and Cultural Systems; (2) Growth Fostering Relationships Between Latino/a Parents and School Counselors; (3) Sense of Worth Based on Quality of Experiences with School Counselors; (4) Desired Connections Based on Experiences with School Counselors; and (5) Knowledge of the School Counselor Role Built on Mutuality. These findings provided insight as to how the parents experienced their interactions with school counselors to support a social justice call to action.