Open source for the desktop user : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Oliveira, Troy V.
Whitesel, Joel A.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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With the ever increasing cost of living and constantly increasing dependence on computers for everyday tasks, the cost of commercial software can sometimes lead to major problems for consumers. These costs continue to rise as software companies become larger and gain more power in a market. However, there is a free alternative for computer users, both private and public. That alternative is open source software. In order to prove that the open source software is a viable competitor and in some cases a better product than commercial software, I have compiled, analyzed and discussed the benefits of open source software. In order to dispel the myth that open source software is harder to use than the commercial software that consumers are familiar with, I have conducted, with the help of Dr. Joel Whitesel, an experiment that has provided astounding results.