December 2014 Meeting, Community Wellbeing Primacy of Place Knowledge Group

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Ellery, Jane
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placemaking, Primacy of Place, Wellbeing
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Welcome. Welcome to the third meeting for Ball State’s Community Wellbeing Primacy of Place Knowledge Group!

Aims. Primary aims for our meeting:

  1. Reflect on our conversations to date;
  2. Use our collective, interdisciplinary intelligence to inform new thinking that we can each bring to our current work;
  3. Continue movement toward a Knowledge Group Charter (VALUES Statements); and
  4. Tool Development and Deployment Discussion.

Review from first two meetings. February 2014: • Introduced definitions for Knowledge Group, Primacy of Place, Placemaking, Community, Wellness, and Wellbeing • Highlighted groups collecting data and looking at the world in different ways o Gallup/Healthways Wellbeing Index o Gross National Happiness measure o Project for Public Spaces and the Placemaking Leadership Council o New Economics Foundation • Identified some potential OUTPUTS o Share Stories/Bright Spots o Conduct Placemaking-Related Assessments o Encourage citizen-driven approaches o **Identify needs related to training and supporting a placemaking workforce to enhance community wellbeing in Indiana communities  Identify new ways of doing  Continue discussing personal and professional needs of “citizen workforce”  Identify and develop tools to support work, conduct workshops to learn to use tools, and organize demonstration sites where those new to the initiative can practice using the tools and resources  Discuss the value of “core” economy June 2014. • Introduced definitions for Primacy of Place, ALL-IN (now changed to Involve ALL), Boundary Spanning Leadership, and Collective Impact. • Highlighted practices that could be borrowed to support our efforts o Agile Project Management o Human Ingenuity and the Maker Movement (Citizen Workforce-Related) o Last Mile Solutions/Solving Social Problems with a Nudge (Behavior Economics) • Shared our favorite tools/resources o TED Talks (including Peter Kageyama’s For the Love of Cities) o Project for Public Spaces o Journaling o “Grass Roots” Groups – book clubs, community centers, lunches o Social Media and Cell Phone Apps • Wording for Mission and Vision statements o Mission – The mission of the Primacy of Place Community Wellbeing initiative is to develop a network of confident and supported leaders who are working to create great places for people to live, work, and play by strengthening community assets and co-producing wellbeing-enhancing change for people from diverse groups. o Vision – This network will encourage innovative community change resulting in thriving people in vibrant communities throughout Indiana. • Reflected on the Language of Placemaking (or at least the language we are using)