Clarinet and percussion : a new high school festival category to increase student learning

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Healton, Daniel
Crawford, Elizabeth, 1960-
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Thesis (M.M.)
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The objective of this project is to lay out a structure by which music educators and officials of state music organizations may begin to incorporate the clarinet and percussion duo into the festival performance schedules in their respective states. The document explains the significance of both festival performance as well as the benefits of utilizing this ensemble as part of a student-centered learning curriculum. Included in this project is the educational rationale for student-centered learning benefits around the ensemble, the process for organization of pieces by level, instructions for arranging for the ensemble, and a list of works that officials can use to begin their repertoire list. This document should be enough guidance to provide educators with the necessary information to begin the process in their home state. In the future, additions will be made to this document to increase its educational value to the music education community.