Higher Sites 101

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Kibby, Helen R.
Dailey, John C.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Telecommunications
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Higher Sites has been designed as a fully functioning business. The appendix of this creative project paper includes Higher Sites' full business plan. The business plan includes projected revenue and profit for the next three years.Higher Sites 101 is a two-part DVD set designed to familiarize new Higher Sites employees with the company. Disc I explains the services that Higher Sites offers to adoptive parents. It also walks the viewer through the process of creating adoption videos using the Higher Sites method. Example videos are included. Disc II is a data DVD that includes full-screen QuickTime movies. The movies demonstrate to the viewer how to perform specific tasks in Final Cut Pro, iDVD and DVD Studio Pro. It is necessary for the viewer to watch these QuickTime movies on a monitor that is 21 inches or larger.