Trends in abortion counseling and referral : a study of services in Muncie : [an honors] thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Fisher, Patricia L.
Dolon, Ronald
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The purpose of this research was threefold. It involved first, a review of three aspects of abortion, second, a study of the growing trend toward abortion counseling and referral services in various parts of the country and third, a reporting of services in Muncie which offer abortion counseling and/or referral. The overall purpose was to collect information which would provide insight into the process and nature of abortion counseling and referral. The literature on abortion appears to be lacking in any compilation of knowledge regarding this service. It would seem that caseworkers and other social service professionals who might encounter a client seeking help with an unwanted pregnancy might benefit from an overview of this knowledge and application.It seems important at this point to distinguish between "abortion counseling" and "abortion referral." "Abortion counseling" is essentially a problem-solving process during which the counselor realistically presents alternatives to an unwanted pregnancy and explores with the client her feelings and attitudes. "Abortion referral" involves simply informing a woman as to how she may contact an appropriate agency or individual who may be able to give assistance with an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion referrals may be made for counseling, for medical knowledge (i. e. pregnancy detection), or for actual abortion services.