Critical care nursing: a case study compilation and analysis

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Quandt, Megan
Shelley, Allison
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Thesis (B.?)
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Critical care nursing is a specialty that provides expert care to some of the most complex and severely ill patients. Including a critical care course within the nursing curriculum allows students to put together all of the information that they have learned throughout their nursing education to provide competent care to a multifaceted patient population. Critical thinking and clinical judgement are two of the most important skills that are applied in the critical care setting, and students should be able to utilize these while providing care and developing patient case studies. This thesis examines five case studies that were developed in the critical care setting and provides a reflection on the process of completing these. The following topics are discussed in each case study: patient history; course of illness; pathophysiology of illness; assessments nutrition (including needs and interventions); diagnostics; nursing diagnoses and interventions; drugs and IV solutions; medical interventions; patient safety and quality; and interpretation, analysis, and synthesis.