Assessing nutrition knowledge and nutritional risk level of older women in Extension Homemakers Association

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Allen, Megan Elizabeth
Spangler, Alice A.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
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The purpose of this study was to examine the extent of nutrition knowledge of older women and compare their nutrition knowledge score with regards to nutritional risk level, age, and level of education attained. This study examined relationships between nutritional risk level and age subgroups of participants in regards to nutrition knowledge scores. Members of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association (IEHA) of Shelby County (n=92) were given the DETERMINE Checklist with demographic survey and a nutrition knowledge questionnaire. Results: nutrition knowledge scores were inversely associated with nutritional risk level and significantly different between levels of education attained; there was significant correlation between nutritional risk level and level of education. No significant interactions with nutrition knowledge scores and all variables combined (nutritional risk level, age, and level of education attained) were noted. This study contributes to the limited amount of research done with Extension Homemakers and will help identify future program needs and nutrition education topics.