Consumer Education Council promotional video : an honors project [(HONRS 499)]

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Gaines, Christina D.
Howard, Catherine C.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The Consumer Education Council Promotional Video serves to educate students coming into this unique marketing course, as well as those community residents within the CEC's six county service area.The CEC is the only student-run consumer organization of its kind in the United States. The organization started in 1975 as a Better Business Bureau, then became independent in 1991 to serve a wider county area.The video's scope is very general in content, and provides basic historical and structural background on the CEC. For example, besides the one paid faculty director - Ms. Howard - no one else working in the CEC receives any monetary compensation for their service. Students serve in the CEC for course credit and small business experience. Students are divided by department: advertising review, charitable solicitations, human resources, information resources, landlord/tenant, mediations, membership development, office operations, performance records and public relations.It is through these departments that the CEC mediates consumer complaints; maintains business reliability reports; keeps track of landord and tenant information; provides information on charities; reviews local advertising; investigates ad complaints; plans consumer education seminars; has a wide variety of free brochures on hundreds of topics; and has a speakers bureau to draw from. Outside of the CEC and in the classroom, students look closely at misleading advertising; charity donations; counterfeit products; buying cars; and other consumer goods from jewelry to household appliances.Through the classroom education and CEC business experience, students leave the marketing 300-level course as enlightened consumers and prepared graduates ready to enter the competitive work-force.This video captures the all-encompassing experience students gain from the course, as well as the valued service area consumers gain from the students' knowledge.The production schedule and script which follow in this project analysis are the result of my taking the CEC course, then taking a closer look at the communication needs of the business. This video provides an eight-minute, informative explanation of the consumer education council suitable for students new to the CEC, and for area consumers curious about this unique Ball State service.