Forgotten dreams : an electro-acoustic composition for double bass, eight-channel digital audio, and interactive electronics

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Bolte, Jason, 1976-
Kothman, Keith, 1963-
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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This creative project explores the technical and musical possibilities associated with the composition of an electro-acoustic work, scored for double bass, eight-channel digital audio, and interactive electronics, that integrates the uniqueness and spontaneity of live performance with the textural, timbral, and spatial complexity that can be achieved through the use of prerecorded digital audio. The most significant compositional idea that is explored in this work is the interactions between the double bass, digital audio, and interactive electronics. These three components interact with one another on several levels. This is not limited to harmonic, melodic, or rhythmic components, but also includes such attributes as timbre, texture, dynamics, timing, improvisation, and sound projection. To create this interaction, several computer applications are used for the realization of the digital audio and score notation, and in live performance.