The Challenger : a play loosely based on the themes and stories of the book of Hosea : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Miller, Joel T.
Blackmer, Jennifer
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Out of the seemingly irreconcilable differences between homosexuality and the teachings of conservative Christianity, various camps have emerged to lend their voices. The question must be addressed: can a person with unwanted homosexual attractions switch his or her sexual orientation? On one side of the debate, opponents say that seeking such change is unrealistic and potentially harmful. But on another side, many supporters say not only that change is possible, but that change has occurred for many of them. Realistic or not, there is a rising demographic of people who reject traditional gay/straight labeling, and their stories are not often told, in the Church or anywhere else. I applied some of the themes of redemption and reconciliation from the Old Testament book of Hosea to this heated issue in order to create a script for a play. Inherent in Hosea and important for the people in the Church affected by this debate is the idea that, through all of the pain of the past, God is planting a brighter future; there can be growth even through the things that don't make sense.