A Biblical guide to finances for young couples : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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McGuire, Paul A.
Alcorn, Bruce K.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Many Christian young couples today are overwhelmed at the fact that they know very little about what the Bible teaches on managing family finances. Unfortunately, the devastation lies in the fact that couples fail to realize their ignorance of the Bible until after they have fallen prey to the bondage of debt, poor stewardship, and anxiety. As a result, couples struggle to discern between society's principles and Biblical principles, fail to communicate properly within their marriage, and develop anger and bitterness toward one another. This quickly begins to harvest the fruit of unbiblical divorce.However, many Christian young couples are still in a position where knowledge and obedience to God's principles on money is the answer to years of obedience, harmony, and blessings as God is glorified.The discussion of a Biblical guide to finances is a guide for young couples who have recently been married and who are in need of financial guidance on budgeting, debt, and God's view of money. Along with a brief discussion on who Christians are, the guide incorporates a variety of topics into its overall goal of providing a proper Biblical view of money and how young couples can responsibly account for and spend it God's way.The guide contrasts the Biblical and societal views of money, examines how God uses finances in a marriage, explains common reasons for financial difficulties, and explores elementary steps and procedures for implementing a budget into a marriage where the desire is to honor and glorify God with their finances.