The first avenger : pop culture portrayals of Nazis as shown by Captain America

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Cornwell, Ashley
Krzemienski, Ed
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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This thesis examines the Captain America series as a source of propaganda, specifically regarding its portrayals of Nazis. The idea of pop culture as an educational tool is used throughout this thesis to make historical examinations of popular pieces of entertainment by looking at Captain America in all its mediums. The entire 1941 comic run is examined as World War II propaganda regarding the United States' relationship with both Great Britain and Germany. The way Nazis are portrayed by the Captain America series is analyzed by examining the Super Solider Serum in relation to Captain America and his foe the Red Skull, how comics refer to Nazis and the way in which they are drawn, and how movies refer to and portray Nazis despite their politically correct restrictions.