H.U.N at Highland Park

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Huddleston, Leonna
Mounayar, Michel ; Dotson, Olon
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The goal of this thesis is to explore ways architects can contribute to the success of the world beyond the built environment, as the spaces architects create have the ability to raise awareness and promote progress. Centered around the idea of Architectural Activism, the intent of this proposal is to fight against displacement by giving form and visibility to under-served populations. The program offers job services, counseling, temporary living, childcare, educational training, and more, all geared towards the advancement of the un-housed and local community. This design will encourage and expand the sense of community, generating enough support to help the local homeless population transition. This project starts a conversation that questions social norms and challenges standards and regulations by utilizing green space to fight against redlining principles backed by zoning, and displacement backed by gentrification and sprawl, this thesis exploration facilitates democratic thoughts and actions, evoking questions as to who truly owns the space? Who is it for? When should it be used or occupied? And who is welcome to participate?