The home/office : a design exploration of a communal settlement for corporate and/or private use

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Moreno, Carlos N.
Palmer, Alvin E., 1935-
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Thesis (M. Arch.)
Department of Architecture
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Today, with the availability of new technologies and the advancements in the science of communication, business organizations and entrepreneurs possess the ability to break down the walls of the conventional workplace and bring about a resurgence of the "union" between the place of work and the place of home. In spite of the efforts made in combining these two seemingly opposing environments, the architecture and planning of this union still deserve further exploration. This exploration requires an understanding of how these environments came to be and how they can be manipulated, treated and combined in an effort to create more conducive and all inclusive "home/work" environments. Further, while the requisites of domestic comfort, commodity and delight can be coupled with the functional attributes of the workplace, it is by the expansion of this idea that their combination can potentially be implemented into home/work community developments. Here, while still remaining home-based, the exchange of ideas and information can be maintained in the spirit of corporate unity.