Anatomy and physiology adventures: a creative approach to science teaching

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Reichelderfer, Sierra
Brand, Lance
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Throughout my experiences as a both a student and a preservice teacher, I have noticed that students and even educators often view science curriculum as difficult and lacking creativity. However, works like Osmosis Jones and The Magic School Bus demonstrate that science curriculum can be taught in more creative ways that are still effective and can be entertaining as well. In an effort to expand the number of creative tools for teaching science at the secondary level, I have written a series of 11 short stories that showcase the 11-body systems in Anatomy and Physiology content. Each story is written creatively to showcase difficult Anatomy and Physiology concepts in a fictional world that is analogous to the processes to each body system it is describing. A series of discussion questions were written after each story to aid in scaffolding student learning and to also engage critical thinking skills. I would like these stories to be easily accessible on my own website in the future for current educators, students, and learning enthusiasts alike to allow them to enhance their learning experiences.