An economic/productivity study of a newcomer to the world of technology, industrial robots

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Koger, Steven A.
Edwards, John T.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This thesis has explored the industrial robot in a manner that is appropriate to help the new application engineer justify a robotic purchase. Information was gathered from technical journals, books, technical seminars, and a plant tour.The first step in the justification process is to be thoroughly educated in the field of robotics. Once this is completed, the reader is then free to investigate the three essential methods of economic analysis. This is the second step of the justification process.A cash flow analysis is completed so that an individual may tell whether a purchase will be sufficiently profitable or not. This is based on a five-year standard depreciation schedule. The rate of return on investment analysis shows the person at what specific rate the robot will generate revenue under certain conditions of use. Finally, the payback period analysis indicates how long it will take for the robot to actually pay for itself and begin to generate profit.