Breaking barriers :an opportunity for the homeless in Delaware County

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Eberhardt, Laura M.
Gray, Judith I.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing homelessness in the United States today. Many families struggle to obtain the financial resources needed to "get back on their feet" in society and attain stability. The Breaking Barriers program began as an idea formed to improve the quality of the services provided at the homeless shelter that is operated through Christian Ministries of Delaware County, Inc. It is essential to understand, in the beginning, that no person's struggle is the same as that of another. While the homeless, as with many other groups, may be categorized under similar situational boundaries for the purpose of collecting and interpreting data, there is much more behind each story that makes the process of "fixing" the problem, or even improving it, much more of a challenge. Many people who are homeless experience a wide variety of problems that keep them from attaining shelter and job stability. The hope is that, through this paper, the people of Delaware County, Indiana will develop a better understanding of the local homeless situation, for families in particular, and Christian Ministries will be granted an opportunity to modify programming to better serve the residents.