An analysis of the editorial page of ten Indiana daily newspapers

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Douglas, Bruce A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Are Indiana daily newspapers fulfilling their editorial responsibilities to their readers? What role does"Afghanistanism" play in the preparation of the editorial page? Does content, and layout and design differ from newspaper to newspaper?Can a random selection of ten Indiana daily newspapers find the answers to the questions above? These questions and others will hopefully be answerd by this study. An analysis of ten Indiana daily newspapers is an extremely important undertaking. At no other time in recent history has the press been under such watchful scrutiny. And what part of the daily newspaper is mare important that the editorial page? It is here that decisions vital to the existence of the newspaper are made every single day the paper is in operation.The editorial page is an arm of the paper that can make or break an individual, a corporation, a candidate for public office, a politician in office, or even a community social. The powers of the editorial page are immense, if used in the proper way. How are Indiana's daily newspapers utilizing this great power that they posses? Are they putting it to good use, or are they squandering it on some worthless scheme?It will be an exhaustive task to dig into the editorial "closets" of ten Indiana daily newspapers to exactly determine what type of editorial pages the papers are publishing for public consumption. However, this writer welcomes the task with high hopes that the results of the study will answer many questions that he has concerning the editorial page.The problem of editorial analysis is that there are so many areas that require analysis, that it is a difficult decision to make concerning what areas one is going to cover. This analysis will bea good basis for the groundwork of a continuing study of editorials and the editorial page. This is just the beginning.