Accounting jobs available within the federal government : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Oster, Allyson E.
McCabe, John C.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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Have you considered an accounting career with the federal government? Despite budget cutbacks by the Reagan Administration, the federal government still has to hire new employees to fill vacancies caused by retiring employees or those leaving for other reasons. This insures that federal government hired, on the average, 43,100 new workers a month. That is more than half a million a year. 1 And, according to Rick Kenney, head of the Navy’s civilian personnel office in Brooklyn, New York, “There are signs of significant attrition in the federal government work force over the next several years as the World War II generation retires. This will create sudden-surge requirements for entry-level positions. That is a harbinger of good opportunities for new and recent grads.” 2 This booklet will explore the opportunities for an accounting career with the federal government. Types of jobs, salary, benefits and location will all be examined. Also, the sometimes complicated and confusing steps to applying and becoming eligible for a federal job are clarified and explained in detail. Finally, special opportunities such as a federal accounting job located overseas or a stint with the Peace Corps are presented.