La(identidad): a celebration of 10 Afro-Latinx artists

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Zumbaugh, Ella
Geyer, Charlie
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Thesis (B.?)
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My Creative Project titled Afro-La(identidad): A Celebration of 10 Afro-Latinx Artists is a picture-book style biographical report in both English and Spanish on Celia Cruz (assumed she/her), Miguel (he/him), Pop Smoke (he/him), Rico Nasty (she/her), Clotilde Jiménez (he/him), Nicolás Guillén (assumed he/him), Felipe Luciano (he/him), Ariana Brown (she/they), Elizabeth Acevedo (she/her) and Reinaldo Marcus-Green (he/him). This project includes information about these various kinds of artists as well as explanations on how their Afro-Latinx identity factors into their work, how they have impacted their communities and how their art has impacted the world. These decorated pages will include images of the artists, a short biography with the artists’ impact, and a visual representation of their art and personhood. This project seeks to bring representation to Afro-Latinx artists, showcase unique perspectives and art, as well as fight back against oppressive constructions of race, gender and sexuality.