The two sided coin : [an honors thesis (HONRS 499)]

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Ellingsworth, Peter F.
Caristi, Dom
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The Two Sided Coin is a movie that I wrote, directed, produced, and edited. My goal was to take on all aspects of the movie production process, embodying the idea of the auteur. "The Two Sided Coin" is a short film about a student, Jake, who finally meets Angela, the girl he has had his eye on for some time. The two hit it off immediately. But when they meet a second time, Jake decides that the two are not all that compatible. Jake soon realizes that things are not back to normal as he discovers that he has a secret admirer of sorts. The movie shows how Jake reacts to what seems to be looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes. Helping or perhaps hurting Jake along the way is his wisecracking roommate Steve. Together they realize that Jake's situation may not be as bad as it seems.