A communicative approach to rape culture and education reform

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Patterson, Dylan
Messner, Beth
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Communication theory has an integral role to play in analyzing and deconstructing rape culture. Consent specifically has not been heavily researched in the field of communication studies, leaving a need for research and theoretical application to better understand how to combat rape culture and educate on prevention. In this paper, I take a two prong approach to this issue. I first utilize standpoint theory, symbolic convergence theory, muted group theory, and genderlect styles to analyze the cases of Brett Kavanaugh, Brock Turner, and Matthew Barnett and the conversation around them. By applying these theories to real cases, the concepts of hegemonic masculinity and co-creation of reality are drawn out and discussed, outlining specific areas of need within prevention and educational programming. After this is done, I analyze two presentations from Ball State’s Office of Victim Services, utilizing the prior material to define areas of need in which rape culture can begin to be dismantled at a cultural level.