Narcotrafficking in Mexico: history, neoliberalism, and effects on Mexican citizens

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Peters, Cassandra
Gatica, Obed Frausto
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Thesis (B.?)
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When one imagines the drug cartels in Mexico, typically the image arises of intelligent, powerful, and dangerous men with no regard for human life. However, who exactly are these narcos, and how do these cartels function? How do those who are corrupt and hold power play into this issue? Narcotrafficking in Mexico is an extremely complex issue. Between the state and cartels, there is significant overlap regarding who is corrupt and who works for who; the cartels always end up with the blame even when, in many cases, the death and destruction is a result of government actions. Over the years, neoliberalism has been pushed onto the Mexican government, which has allowed the cartels to facilitate capital and gain control of resource-rich areas to allow their “business” to thrive. Yet, the most important aspect is that innocent lives are affected every day due to narcotrafficking. From economic issues to gruesome murders, the cartels play an important role in the lives of Mexican citizens. I analyze narcotrafficking throughout Mexico and how it affects citizens in order to develop an in-depth understanding of this issue.