U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Design and Build Challenge Spring 2022

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Harwood, Pam
Grootaert, Steven
Garduno, Alejandra Lagunas
Rheinheimer, Emily
Shetty, Shraddha
Wilson, Isaac
Elboraei, Nourhan
Archer, Mitchell
Barnhart, Savannah
Buening, Noah
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Located in Muncie, Indiana, Ball State prides itself on being a student-centered, community- engaged, and sustainability focused public research university. Ball State transforms entrepreneurial learners into impactful leaders committed to improving the quality of life for all. Ball State’s innovative commitment to sustainability has fueled the creation of the nation’s largest ground source, closed-loop district heating/cooling system, benefiting the University financially and the environment positively. As the campus continues to expand, all new construction is required to be LEED certified. Each year, Ball State initiates a diverse range of immersive learning projects that engage students with organizational partners and residents throughout the local community. This is an Exhibit celebrating the hard work that students, faculty, industry partners, and volunteers have put into this competition. Help us celebrate the Office Building Design team, Education Building Design team and Build Challenge team!