Preventing mental health problems with self-help tools targeted at Ball State freshmen students: a communications plan proposal for the Ball State University Counseling Center

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Kraman, Melissa
Lee, YoungAh
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Some students enter college, and it’s a seamless transition. The majority, however, endure a range of mental health issues for the first time. Think: meeting college-level academic expectations, finding a friend group, being away from your family for the first time, or financial stress. Each of these challenges is typical of what a college freshman experiences, which may trigger anxiety, depression, distress, and/or other mental health disorders. The Ball State Counseling Center offers tools that help build the necessary skills to cope well, grow resiliency, and improve adaptability — so that college freshmen can practice and maintain wellness amid varying stressors. The following communication plan proposal for the Ball State Counseling Center strives to educate Ball State freshmen about the importance of taking early action to stay mentally strong and combat mental health problems before they become severe.