An examination of the experiences of females coaching male athletes

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Abrell, Lura K.
Blom, Lindsey, 1977-
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education, Sport, and Exercise Science
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This qualitative study attempted to offer unique insight into the sociological issue of females coaching males. Three female head coaches who have coached or are currently coaching a male sports team at the high school and collegiate level were asked to participate in this study. Participants took part in a 45-minute phone interview where they answered open ended questions broken down into four areas: playing experience history, coaching philosophy & career, environment, and future. A cross-case analysis method was used for tagging the data and creating categories to compare themes. Themes were then broken down into two categories: primary themes were consistent between all cases, while secondary themes were common between two cases. Primary themes found were participants felt qualified for their coaching position, felt no apprehension from administration about hiring female coaches for male athletes and felt accepted by male coaches in the league, but, were treated differently. Secondary themes reported were participants felt supported by fans, schools were in dire need of a coach when participants were hired, and participants would coach boys again.