Zionsville, Indiana--an historic preservation plan

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Henning, Lisbeth L.
Slade, Susan R.
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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This thesis offers a preservation plan for Zionsville, Indiana in the 1980's. The plan is based on the current state of the art of historic preservation.The thesis contains a brief history of the town, describes nineteenth and twentieth century architectural styles present in the community, and explores past local preservation efforts, such as the 1960's "Colonial Reconstruction Program." It also discusses general preservation issues such as structure evaluation systems, historic district delineation, preservation legislation, and public education. Elements in several preservation plans from other towns are examined as well.Finally, the thesis proposes five objectives for preservation in Zionsville in the 1980's. Recommendations offering options for the town to carry out each objective are outlined. A timetable for implementation of the recommendations as well as suggested sources of personnel and funding to aid preservation activities is also included.