Florentine widows and property : a spatial analysis

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Rapoza, Emily
DeSilva, Jennifer Mara, 1976-
Seefeldt, Douglas, 1964-
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Department of History
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This project is currently available at http://arcg.is/1XinrAN. Widows in Early Modern Florence occupied a place in society that allowed them more freedom than their marriages had previously, especially if they were property owners. By focusing in on widows in the mid 1500’s in the S. Maria Novella quarter of Florence, Italy, it is possible to draw conclusions about their role as property owners, but also about their locations across the city. Property-ownership was crucially important as it helped a widow determine her place. Thus, this study uses mapping and spatial analysis to better understand the larger historical trends at play in early modern Florence. By looking at three specific case studies, there is a conclusion that widows inhabited areas near other members of their family and other widows.